Most people want to build a house. But simply a desire, dream and a sketch are not enough. To build the house of your dream it is necessary to have a draft.
The project of a house is a set of documents that contain information about the architectural, engineering and design issues.

The composition of the project:

The set of required documentation depends on the features of the project. It is mandatory to include architectural and engineering parts in the house project. If your home is located in the city a complete set of design documentation is a must, and if it is located in the countryside, an architectural section would be enough.

If you have decided to buy a finished project, this information will be very useful for you:

1. The author of the project of the house is entitled to it regardless of the form and type of copy.
2. You cannot sell, duplicate, transfer to third parties the project of the house that you have bought.
3. In accordance with the project documentation building a home can only be done once.
4. You can build the house repeatedly, only if you obtain permission to use the project by its author.
5. Copyright is under protection in accordance with the law.

Since the house is a huge structure, to build it without the project can bring a lot of negative consequences. For example, if you have not calculated correctly the foundation, it may result in a skewed home, subsidence of the walls, cracks and violation of integrity. The main problem of constructing your own home without the project is that you won’t be able to formalize ownership of your creation. Such a construction is called a voluntary and you won’t be able to gift or sell it.

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