Exterior design

In the settlements among the common houses of the same architecture can be found a country house. Almost always, it has no difference with the other houses. Exclusive interior is rare. Often the customer wants to enter his house into an existing landscape, to make it harmoniously combined with the neighboring houses.
The exterior of your home is better to entrust to professionals such as architectural studio AS-Diamond. If the project was elaborated in details, the solution of its exterior is a part of it. Exterior gives an artistic or architectural appearance; design of buildings and other facilities that provide human with a comfort. To make life more comfortable for our customers is the main idea of our architectural studio.

In order to solve this problem we offer you a service – Design and visualization of the exterior.
For your convenience we present you design-projects exteriors of country houses in two packages.
Package “decorative” includes the following services:

– Measurements of the object
– Decoration of the facade (moldings, cornices, brackets, window frames, etc.)
– Color solution (basement, facade, roof)
– Decorative lights
– Selection of finishing material (plaster, wood, stone, etc.)
– Visualization of the object
– Scan facades
– Indication of dimensions and models of decorative elements
– Decorative lights
– Specification of finishing materials

Package “Decorative +” includes all the above services plus:
– Small architectural forms
– Driving glazing, roller blinds, shutters, etc.
– Scheme of wastewater
– Small architectural forms

The professionalism of our designers will help you to choose appropriate color din. One of the most important tasks of the house is its exterior finish. We will help you pick up the necessary finishing materials, decorative plaster or stone cladding; despite its massive structure with the help of experienced experts your home will look elegant and neat.

Implementing the design-project of exterior of your house our masters will enter hardware blocks built into the overall landscape, hide communications, and completely transform the living area. Solutions of design projects are almost unlimited. Even an ordinary cottage house can be transformed into a luxury castle in the Gothic and neo-classical style. Our design studio offers you bright ideas, stylish and exclusive solutions of exterior for country houses.

One of the basic requirements today is to have a design project of home that will fit your house into the landscape of the other houses that have already been built.
Major works on the exterior creation are aimed at making your home presentable and harmonious. Our designers will help you to choose the most appropriate style considering all your wishes.

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