What is the architectural section of the project for the construction of your house?
Depending on the chosen project, the composition of its documentation may be different, but regardless of that, each project is developed in compliance with the law and is ready for construction.

The architectural solution of the building (facades, plans, sections, and technical and economic indicators), without details, design and engineering calculations are no more than the preliminary design.

Without design and engineering calculations, the sketch is a list of thumbnail images, which give the customer a glimpse of his future home. You can’t build the house if you have only a sketch, but you can easily imagine the style and overall appearance.

The project includes three main parts: architectural, structural and engineering.

The composition of the architectural section includes: drawings, general information about the project and specifications, floor plans, elevations, sections, a roof plan, statement of window and door frames, floors explication license. As a rule, the design includes several drawings of vertical section of the house. With their help, you can easily determine the height between floors, the value of deepening the basement floor or zero, the angle of the roof slope. Space planning and interior, seat ventilation shafts and chimneys and their sizes and the area can be found on the floor plan. One can also determine the thickness of walls and partitions.
In the drawings of the facade, you can see from all sides elevations of the house, as well as all elements of the facade, windows, doors, balconies, roof overhangs, their location and height of the zero mark.

Typically, each of the projects has several drawings of the house – vertical, longitudinal and cross-sectional area. With their help, we can easily determine the depth of the basement, the height between floors, the slope of the roof slope in the attic.

Schemes of water supply and sewerage, electrical, heating, ventilation, as well as information about the gas and electrical equipment and power calculations can be found in the engineering section of the project documentation for the construction of the house. The engineering section consists of two parts: internal and external networks. These parts are made separately, as they have different specifications. According to DBN formalized external electrical network, water supply system and central (autonomous) sanitation.
Within the framework of the chosen design of the project will be carried out internal wiring utilities.
Our studio, following a series of regulations and rules of installation and operation will help you to distribute the internal network, to install the house pipe heating systems and gas heating without violating building codes.

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